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Comparing Apples And Oranges: When Is A Levels The Right Fit For My Child?

Many roads lead to Rome and education planning for your child is such. What fits your older boy may not work its magic again for your youngest. With that notion, how to know when A Levels is best for your child or when it is not? Over the years, many researches from governmental bodies to university admission statistics have advocated strongly for A Levels and it is hard to deny the prowess of this top-notch pre-university qualification as it has indeed unlocked many gilded cages of top varsities from around the globe and continues to do so boldly in this ever-changing landscape of education in the #NextNormal of hybrid learning classrooms.

Top tips will still be to have engaging conversations with your child and see how you can greatly contribute in aligning their ambitions to your finances and overall career prospect upon graduation. It is good to plan ahead whilst working backwards to the present moment. That way, you are well positioned to help your child be aware that the study subjects chosen will shape them and their minds for the rest of their lives. What to observe within your child? Read on for clues.

My child enjoys mastery and depth

Can you confidently say your child is someone who loves or loathes details? When interacting with you or your family, does your child gets motivated to explain a subject matter and passionately outlines the recollection of how a decision is made or can articulate rather persuasively why things work the way they do? If these observations ring true, you would be pleased to know A Levels will fit like a glove. Known for its in-depth subject expertise, the A Levels curriculum and teaching methods are well poised for children who craves for mastery. A Levels allow students to zoom in and dig deep within their chosen 4 subjects while other programme pathways demand more subjects within the span of 18-months.

My child has hobbies and enjoys pursuing them

Would you say your child is active in his or her pocket of communities? Whereby, your child plays high level sports or has been voted in as youth leader in the neighbourhood or has a multi-faceted life that fills up their daily timetable? If this is indeed the charisma of your child, choosing to pursue A Levels can cater for these hobbies without too much of a dent to their current lifestyle.

There is a lot more flexibility over how much time is spent on studying and is ideal for a child that is self-motivated. Instead of packing in a lot of teaching time in a child’s timetable, A Levels are designed to have more focus on independent study and fewer subjects to juggle. There is also no need for additional time commitment to fulfill criteria of passing apart from studying for your subjects and thriving.

My child is a wanderlust and can adapt

Is your soon to be secondary school leaving child displaying clarity and confidence on what they are most inclined to pursue when it comes to their career plans? A Levels as a pathway is a reputable pre-university study track that will open more doors and breakdown even more walls as they stamp their mark deciding on their final study destination as to where best to undergo their first degree. Preparation is key and armed with A Levels qualification, you can be comforted to know that this programme pathway has a strong track record of admitting students to universities from around the globe where A Levels are often the stipulated pre-requisite. In the event your child’s career plans variates from what it was first envisioned, A Levels renowned syllabus is widely accepted and can cope to adapt to changing dreams without the hassle of restarting or wasting precious time and money.

My child enjoys connecting the dots and interactivity

When your child is watching a movie with the family – does he or she gets excited about the whodunnit genres? Where you have noticed your child is more responsive to linking stories and has a knack to connect the dots from one crime to another while acknowledging how things are intertwined. The A Levels subject combinations are formulated to synergise your child’s learnings whereby natural subject choices are constructed to be compatible with each other. This overlap in subjects do provide a deeper grasp of learning and aids much to help the child excel. For an example, if the three subject combos are geography, biology and chemistry, your child will savour the interactivity as to how nitrogen and carbon cycles were used as content in all of the three subjects. A Levels permit your child to find natural synergies between the subjects which in turn will appeal to their strengths and natural interests.

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