Learn How You Can Finance Your Child’s College Education And Make Education More Accessible

It’s a myth that access to higher education is but limited to the wealthy. Education is for everyone. We will share tips of the trade that has helped for the many years in matching students to their ambitions by placing them at learning institutions that support them in every way from their insatiable thirst for knowledge to those that are needing more time to know themselves and even guided those returning to education after a long haul. In realising one’s potential, it is without a doubt finance is a key driver in fueling those education goals and we are here to let you know how to go further and move with confidence when financing your child’s college education.

From financial aids to bursaries, scholarships, savings and more, we are determined to remove any barriers that could be stopping you from optimising your child’s study options just because of financial difficulties. Just like the homes we live in and the transportation we choose to move from destination A to B, higher education pathways have grown in leaps and bounds in regard to its course offerings, flexible payment schemes, eligibility, timetable and mode of delivery from virtual to blended learning. This is also true as to how families can choose to finance their child’s education pursuits with the following schemes:

Refinance Your Home Loans

Over the years, your diligence in paying off your loans can indeed be refinanced to meet your child’s education needs. Tap onto the latest government incentives and economic stimulus by working closely with your preferred banking partner to relook at the current home loan interest rates. Free up the accumulated finances you have previously repaid to the bank and ride on the latest home loan interest rates whilst helping your child go further.

Education Financing

With the wide plethora of local banks and finance bodies within your country, there are education financing schemes designed for qualified individuals to obtain financial assistance for their education plan. Give your child the right education financing for a lifetime of opportunities. The financing will cover their courses for a truly seamless study experience. Loans can be approved for hundreds of thousands at an attractive financing rate which can then be stretched up to 15 years and more. Start liaising with your dedicated banking, finance or investment manager to explore all available options. The financial experts will assist in negotiations or deviations in effort to ensure the education loan is sanctioned.

Competitions & Prize Winnings

From talent competitions to submitting your child’s ambitions via a video upload to TikTok or how to win scholarship dollars, do not forget to frequently visit our innovative scholarship matching portal, Scholarships2u.com to find out more. Each institution will have their own eligibility criteria as they seek to attract budding brainpower and unfounded talent to be students at their campuses across their many intakes. Stick close to the competition terms, be ready to comply with the rules and your child may be awarded scholarship dollars to study at their dream colleges.

Sports & Specific Scholarships

Scholarships are abound and we at Scholarships2u.com match these scholarships to families on the lookout for them. From exemplary academic achievements, to outstanding extra-curricular activities in both state and national level, economically challenged background, differently abled learning abilities, varying cultures and gender-based grants for specific study field scholarships, the opportunities for financing are widely available. Albeit the tedious process of managing the applications and its subsequent follow-ups, the digitalisation of scholarship application process means applications are now made simple notably to the innovative features of Scholarships2u.com which is available now to all families. Just create a login account and apply up to 5 scholarships at once on our powerful portal.

Fellowship Awards By Universities

Many higher learning institutions in effort to promote internal talent and retain their qualified academics, do offer fellowship awards to local and international candidates for graduate studies leading to research-based PhD. These fully funded internal programmes are curated to nurture academic staff as part of their overall human capital development initiatives. Based on either full or partial disbursement of the award, finances offered do at times cover living expenses, monthly stipends and fees. In addition, your child can also offer tutoring service or work at the libraries to earn a steady flow of pocket money and wage to sustain their incidental expenses when pursuing higher learning.

Explore Your Employee Benefits

For working families, pay a visit to your Human Resource Department or get familiarised with your Employee Handbook. Did you know companies do much to reward their employees and may have indeed conjured employment contracts that are peppered with staff benefits which are often overlooked and not fully explored. Now like never before, as your child prepare for higher education, discover how your current employment benefits can be unleashed to financially aid the family. There are occurrences where companies do issue cash rewards for every A clinched or full scholarships by the company’s foundation arm and lastly an event-based reward in the forms of Scholarships2u.com Scholarship Benchmark Tests or leadership camps where children of employees are eligible to participate for free. At these camps, your child is either offered a chance to instill self-awareness, life skills or be awarded a participation certificate which can be beneficial as they move to stand out from other competing scholarship applicants.

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