10 reasons why students want to study in the US

1. Flexibility

The US offers a truly unique education system in universities and colleges. Students get to opt for a liberal arts degree, whereby they do not focus on a specific major, but on other subjects of their interest such as mathematics, history or literature. You get to be trained in different disciplines, providing you a more diverse perspective when it comes to problem solving, an attractive trait to employers.

2. Quality

The US boasts some of the top institutions in the world, many of them topping the charts of university rankings. These institutions provide unparalleled education to students and have a wealth of resources you can use. Check out our Top 10 Best Value US Colleges for more information.

3. Wide range of courses

Besides flexibility of courses, US education also offers many courses that cater to specific interests. You are able to find quality education for almost every course here. From agriculture to animation, students are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting institutions. What’s more, you are able to incorporate additional subjects into your degree that are outside your major.

4. Opportunities

Large research institutions in the US offer opportunities for students to work alongside with a professor and apply what they learned to the lab or workshop. This not only helps broaden your knowledge and skill set, it can also help advance your career. You may also get an opportunity to extend your stay after you have completed your studies in order to get work experience in the country.

5. Cutting-edge technology

Being in the forefront of technology and research, US institutions get to give you access to the latest technology, or an opportunity to help develop it. You get to work with the leaders in their field as you learn. Institutions keep up to date with their gadgets and education delivery as they continue to find more effective methods, giving you access to more advanced facilities.

6. Culture

Diversity is one of the main focuses for institutions in the US, and this is seen in their enrollment and admission efforts. You will experience a rich learning environment as you mix with people from other cultures, learning from them as they learn from you. Access to various cultures can also mean that your experience in the US becomes more exciting. 

7. Language skills

You will not be left behind even if you do not know enough English. Most institutions in the US have extensive English workshops, courses and programs available to help international students improve their language skills. Learning via immersion is also one of the best ways to pick up a language, and you will soon be proficient in English.

8. Lifestyle

Well-known for being a friendly nation, you will get to engage with a welcoming environment as you get to know the US. Your life on campus will be enriched by the variety of clubs and extracurriculars you can participate in. Students also get to join sports teams, charity programs, social and academic events. You will never be bored when you live on campus.

9. Support for international students

An excellent support network and system is necessary for international students to feel at home, both inside and outside the classroom. US institutions are dedicated to providing specialized services for international students, meaning you get to adapt to the country quicker. You can get any issues sorted out from visa and accommodation problems to cultural adjustment through specific offices in your school. 

10. Financial aid

Many US institutions offer financial aid for international students, as they are not eligible for federal assistance. You can get a discount for your tuition fees or apply for a study load. These ultimately depend on the institution of your choice, so it is best to do your research. Scholarships2u does offer scholarships to institutions in the US, so be sure to check them out as well.

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