Kickstart your education abroad via boarding schools

To parents who are often worried about their child’s wellbeing, sending them to boarding school seems like the ultimate nightmare. Won’t students learn just as well in day schools? What is the need for them to attend a boarding school? Who is going to keep an eye on them?

Boarding schools portrayed in media are often rife with drama, but in reality, these schools are a community built on the idea of learning and personal growth. Complete with access to facilities and resources, a boarding school provides many benefits for their students to advance leaps and bounds compared to a normal day school. If you’re interested in starting your education abroad earlier, read on to find out about the benefits of attending a boarding school.


Independence is one of the greatest skills a child needs to learn. Many parents today are hyper-vigilant and limit many aspects of their child’s life. But how much is too much? These children end up feeling unhappy, and realise that they missed out on a lot as they grow up and enter college or university. The living skills they failed to learn, like how to do their laundry or how to manage their schedule, can hamper their self-esteem and progress. In boarding schools, they are forced to become self-reliant, but are also able to get help that’s readily available. The good habits and skills that they cultivate will eventually transfer as they move on to post-secondary education. 

Personal development 

There’s a completely different dynamic when you are living with other people in a dormitory setting. This means that you get to interact with people who are from different backgrounds and work towards a harmonious life together. Building friendships in a boarding school is different from day school, you’ll receive support from peers, mentors and teachers, and give support as well. Social skills are not the only things you’ll pick up, as boarding schools also foster personal development. You’ll learn to work hard and work with others in order to achieve your goals. You’ll get the opportunity to discover your interests and talents, while also balancing your studies and activities.

Academic focus

Students get to focus more on their learning, as you’re away from distractions, such as social outings during the weekdays after school. Boarding schools often have schedules to ensure that students get to catch up with their studies after school hours. As teachers may also live in the school compound as well, this means that you can get their help even after the school bell has rung. Additionally, seniors and study groups can provide extra guidance for those who need it. Boarding schools also provide a better, more peaceful learning environment as you won’t be interrupted by noisy neighbours or worn out by trips to get to school and back.

Beyond classrooms

Boarding school students are often given a wider range of activities they can participate in. As the schools are more equipped with sports facilities, resources and extracurricular activities. You get to attend classes that most day school students have to pay for, such as dance or programming. The library will also be well-stocked so students can do proper research and not be limited by poor resources. The school also tries to enrich the students’ lives by organizing activities and trips during weekends. Having access to these facilities prevents students from focusing purely on academics. They get to hang out and indulge in activities that can also teach them additional skills.

To study in a boarding school can seem like an impossible concept to some, but those interested in trying to live on their own, and dip themselves into a community that is driven to help them grow can surely find it to be a wonderful and memorable experience. One such boarding school you can consider is Cardiff Sixth Form College, an institution rich with heritage and modern sensibilities. They have several scholarships to offer for Scholarships2u applicants, so why not check them out?

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